Skip to main content Review may seem to be a good writing service until you start comparing it with other offers available on the web. Since we have been working for a long time reviewing different companies and websites, we also decided to make this review. We hope that it will keep you away from sticking to one-and-only writing service, as there are plenty of other websites that introduce a balance of high quality and affordable prices. We do not say Ultius is bad. However, it still has some misses that may influence its position in the market.

Reputation on the Web

The one thing that is certainly out of any question is the website’s design. It is extremely attractive and beautiful. Once you have seen this resource, you would probably want to get back here as soon as possible. So did we. The website looks rather elaborate and modern. The only drawback that is very noticeable is the testimonial section. So-called reviews by previous customers seem to be nothing but a fake. You may think we are being unfair with the website. Then go to their Facebook page and see it with your own eyes. Guarantees and Types of Services
The website promises to handle any of the following paper tasks:

  • Research papers and essays;
  • Dissertations and thesis;
  • Business writing and editing.

The list of guarantees includes typical assets like 100%originality, confidentiality and customers’ satisfaction. You will hardly find something new in this section.
Rates and Fees
The rates here are unreasonable high.  They are actually the same as in a well-established writing company with an exceptional reputation. We decided to order an essay that cost us $18 per page expecting maximum quality from a paper that was overall priced for $250. The price range is rather broad. As it was already mentioned, it starts form $18 and ends up at $80 per page. If you can afford spending up to $180 for a CV or resume, you are free to use the websites. review
Service Quality
You already know that we were expecting at least high quality for our overpriced essay. However, we were rather frustrated with the content we got. On the one hand, it was just fine. Nothing really awful with the exception of high prices for elementary writing. We asked for additional revisions to get a clearer paper. We had some dubs whether the writers was a native speaker.

Customer Support

Ultius reviewCustomer support service is another issue at that certainly calls for improvements. Support specialists seemed to be very slow on the uptake, as it took them much time to respond and provide answers to easy questions. If you are ready to wait for your message for hours, tis service will be a good option. If not, you’d better run.

Extra Features

Considering all the above-mentioned, imagine or surprise when we found a blog on Ultius website. The articles there were rather good and interesting to read. They covered some essential topics and provided useful tips for students who decide to cope with their assignments by themselves. Customers can also benefit from a selection of paper samples available for download in PDF format.

Summing up, it is really hard to say whether is a good option when you need professional writing assistance. The quality is inappropriate with prices. You can find dozens of better writing services that feature better content quality and more affordable rates. Maybe some of you had a better experience of collaborating with Feel free to share it with us!